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My Services

Commission Contemporary Portraits

There are many reason’s to commission a portrait. Whether it is a gift for someone special or a remembrance of loved ones. It has always been my passion to capture the spirit within a portrait, in a style and colour that reflects this special person's nature and essence. Every person is unique and their presence should be felt within the portrait, so for this reason......I do my very best to compose and capture this in my works.

Traditional acrylic on canvas

My preferred hand painting mediabecause of it's fast drying properties, allowing me to achieve the desired effects I have developed over the years as my signature style. It is also the best wet media for fast delivery when a work is required within a short time frame.

Digital Art

Contemporary and evolving as an accepted more versatile media. This is a media that can be applied to any printable substrate like canvas, mugs T shirts etc. The size can be altered to suit stock and also the image can be shared with other family membes or friends.